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In collaboration with Amazon Web Services CPS has developed SmartNoteMD, an application to facilitate daily note writing and medical coding with AI and machine learning. 

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Our Consulting Services

Set Up
  • Review of supplies

  • Review of insurance policies

  • Creation and/or review of Policy and Procedure handbooks/manuals

  • Implementation and training of Practice Management and/or EMR software

  • Creation and management of NPI numbers

  • Linking of Tax IDs and NPI numbers

  • Credentialing and contracting with commercial payors and Medicare, etc.

Billing Protocol Development
  • Review of common procedure codes

  • Implementation of the appropriate use of modifiers for "unbundling" of claims

  • Training on CPT and ICD-10

  • Review of medical notes

  • Development of coding strategy via CCI Edits and RVUs to maximize reimbursement

  • Current fee analysis

Support Consulting
  • Access to various industry resources, ie. marketing, legal, IT, insurance, wealth management, etc.

  • Private equity acquisition management

  • Industry consulting for financial risk and practice viability

  • Cyber liability and HIPAA compliance

Billing Service Training
  • Review and recommendation of billing software and compatible EMR systems

  • Front to back end billing protocol development

  • Client contract review 

  • Claim follow up and appeal support

  • Credentialing training

  • Adjustment/write off analysis

  • Review of rates for under billing and/or over billing

  • Captured charges analysis

  • Check deposit vs. posted payment reconciliation for embezzlement audits

  • Operative report and medical note analysis for "best practices"